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Ways To Get Involved

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School counts on the generous support of vounteers. Volunteering time and talent models good citizenship for our children and demonstrates that we are committed to their growth as individuals and to their education. “Many hands make light work” and any amount of time and effort that families can give to the classroom, the faculty, the students, or the school is greatly appreciated.

Road America

Located in the heart of the track, “the paddock,” the St. John the Baptist concession stand is famous for good food and better service. We count on VOLUNTEERS to staff our concession stands. If you have ever considered volunteering at our SJB Concession stand at Road America, now is the time to give it a try. It’s Easy! It’s Fun! And it helps our parish and school!

SJB Auction and Gala

Our St. John the Baptist Church and School Auction & Gala provides a unique and valued opportunity to ensure that the legacy of Catholic education is available for future generations. This important fundraising event is held every other year. The next Auction and Gala is scheduled for 2021. Watch for more information.

School Advisory

St. John the Baptist’s School Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the Pastoral Council. The School Advisory Committee is dedicated to the promotion and welfare of Catholic education and serves as an advisory body to the St. John the Baptist School principal. It assists with policy development, identifying and expressing the educational goals and objectives of the parish community, budget planning, and public relations.

Home & School Activities

The St. John the Baptist Home & School Association is a parent-run organization that promotes a sense of community within our school family. The association strives to facilitate an additional line of communication between school personnel and school families. Home and School sponsors a variety of activities, events, and fundraisers throughout the school year.


St. John the Baptist Catholic Church and School wouldn’t exist without the gracious contributions of our vibrant community. Whether it is the donation of time, talent, or treasure the generosity of our parishioners is how we thrive.

Safeguarding All of God’s Family

All staff, faculty, and volunteers working with minors, in our archdiocese and at St. John the Baptist Church and School, are required to attend a Safe Environment Education Session, pass a criminal background check and sign the Code of Ethical Standards.

Ready to Get Involved?

We welcome you to volunteer for various events and activities which serve our students and build community among our families. Please fill out the form below to let us know how you would like to get involved.


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